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Arma Roleplay

Here at Arma Roleplay we strive to provide everyone with the best roleplay experience possible. Our server has many custom mods, scripts and receives updates with new features on a weekly basis. On our server, you can play as almost anything you want!

Bring order to the chaos

Join the state's prestigious law enforcement department, Elaine County Police Department. The ECPD work to keep the streets of Elaine safe for all citizens and work tirelessly every day. If however, you're more of an office to courtroom type of worker, maybe the Department or Justice could interest you in fighting criminal and civil court cases.

Be a criminal

Wreaking havoc across Elaine County are the thugs and crooks of the criminal underworld. Growing and peddling drugs, robbery and fraud are all common crimes in the district. With high profits, who could turn a blind eye to this opportunity?

Be A civlian

As a civilian, you will learn the ropes of how to do things such as sand mining, taxi driving, bus driving and tow truck driving. You can also create your own businesses such as becoming a civil lawyer, or a salesman. You can do just about anything you wish and create a reputation for yourself within the community whilst doing it!

Join a gang

With all your experience playing as a civilian, you will not need much training in this area. There are multiple types of gangs, such of a mafia or a drug trafficking business. You perhaps might even create a gang yourself! Create your own rules and do as you wish, make the police force kneel to you and control the city, day and night.

Become a police officer

Apply to become a law enforcement officer in the Elaine County! Once you have gotten accepted, you will undergo two training courses hosted by one of our FTO's; they will show you how to professionally undergo tasks such as monitoring criminal activity, patrolling, responding to emergency calls, issuing tickets, making arrests and much more!

Volunteer as a medic

Join the medical and fire service and help the city thrive healthily. Being a medic will have a huge impact on what people think of you in the city, and who knows, it may even save your life one day. Whether it be fighting a fire, stopping a biohazard or reviving the dead, there will always be something to do whilst in the Elaine County Emergency Services.

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